I have the 72 set, still. Looks like maybe 3 are gone. Now...
- Aunt Fanny
Art Supplies of the Gods #7

posted: March 31, 2012
Photo 1944 Universal Studios.
Apparently using no art supplies except for an H-frame studio easel and a small brush, artist David Stuart (Lon Chaney) creates a remarkable likeness of model Tanya Czoraki (Acquanetta) in Dead Man's Eyes (1944) -- the third entry in Universal's Inner Sanctum series. Say, whatever became of all those great paintings seen in so many classic films from back then?
Art Supplies of the Gods #6

posted: March 9, 2012
Photo 1958 by Latimer Productions.
A scene from "The Alibi Witness," a 1958 episode of M Squad, one of TV's greatest cop shows of the '50s. Chicago Det. Lt. Frank Ballinger (Lee Marvin) carefully examines a damning piece of murder case evidence: a wooden t-square! Meanwhile, his deadpan voice-over narration explains, "The unlocked door... the money packed in a bag... blood on a broken t-square. The man had been dead for days."
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